What Is MSME and Startups Forum ?

MSME-Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Forum

In a diverse and vibrant country such as India, small, medium, and micro enterprises form the crux of the economy. In most cases, these businesses are spread out across multiple geographic locations. And given India’s vast landscape with disparate social and cultural facets, it’s natural that these businesses find it hard to work in tandem.
However, at MSME and Startups Forum, we are determined to change that. With a target to Connect, Create and Collaborate, we are a unique digital platform that seeks to upend the MSME status quo.
We’re a digital platform created to connect MSMEs and startups all over India. We believe in the power of collaboration and communication and hence have decided to extend that concept to startups across India.
Through the forum, businesses can communicate and work through shared synergies. By sharing industry knowledge, exploring solutions together, and working on common problems, businesses across the country stand to get empowered.
This connection and collaboration can lead to greater innovation, which will ultimately make these businesses self-reliant and enable them to grow better. They’ll also be able to make better sense of the broader business environment and can work together to explore new opportunities and possibilities. So, if your business fits the bill, be sure to join MSME and Startups Forum today. With this platform, you get information and solutions to common problems, details about government initiatives for businesses and startups, and much more. Together, we’re ready to create an environment where businesses, and ultimately the nation, can thrive.

Why Us?

MSME & Startups Forum

Small, medium, and micro enterprises form the backbone of the modern Indian economy. India has already proven itself in the IT prowess and we’ve got an ecosystem where startups are thriving.
However, often, these enterprises face problems such as regulatory rules and investment hitches. MSME & Startup Forum is an attempt to bring together businesses in this sector for combined success.

The following are some of the reasons for going with MSME and Startup Forum:

  • The advantage of collective problem solving and resolution
  • Funding solutions including FDI
  • A talent think tank for entrepreneurs
  • Ability to build market trust
  • Industry support in the times of need
  • Enabling business growth through joint projects, collaborations, and problem-solving exercises
  • Option to expand beyond Indian shores through strategic licensing partners
Apart from the above, being associated with MSME & Startups Forum helps your business be aware of the many promotional schemes and incentives provided by the Government of India.
This helps to boost investment in the sector, create industry knowledge, and spread awareness. In short, MSMEs and Startups stand to get everything they need under a single umbrella with MSME & Startups Forum.